Glues and Self-Leveling Mortars

Each work is unique in terms of climatic conditions, building characteristics, materials used, planning, etc. But with our products, both architects and contractors can be sure that they can meet the most demanding requirements and that if they need help to assess a situation or use certain materials, our experts will be there to advise you.

ARDEX is much more than just a product. When a customer acquires an ARDEX product, he is acquiring a commitment of performance and support anywhere in the world and in any type of work, whether it is a large project or a simple repair or renovation work. And that is that ARDEX offers advanced solutions that go well beyond the product and that allow to surpass any challenge that is raised in the work.

Adhesive that allows to glue carpets, natural fibers, PVC and vinyl in the interior, guaranteeing an ultra-strong and resistant bonding over time.